AndosinsCapital is the Family Office of the Cerqueda Donadeu family. It brings together all the family's financial, industrial and property investments.

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    AndosinsCapital invests in projects that have growth potential without any sector specialisation, with a preference for significant minority shareholdings that allow to participate actively in the decision making process.


    Geographical, with the objective to reduce the exposure to Andorra.
    Sectorial, investing in diverse sectors of the economy.


    Well-defined exit strategy with liquidity windows throughout the project's life.


    Objective of an annual rate of return of 15% on the portfolio.


    Investment duration is determined in accordance with the degree of maturity and development of the project.


    More than €5 million.


    More than €5 million.


    Not taking part in the direct day-to-day running of the businesses, but with participation in the decision and policy making processes at the Board.


    Minority holdings in companies with a liquidity agreement.
    Joint investments with institutional investors.
    Joint investments with other Family Offices.
    Holdings in investment funds.

    Partners and management teams

    With a good reputation, sharing the same objectives and an excellent management team committed to the success of the project.

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